Assoc Prof. Gorettie N. Nabanoga

Message from the Principal

Established in 2011, the Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) is a merged entity of four previous units within Makerere University. Emphasizing academic excellence, the College offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, supported by an expansive faculty. This institution has excelled in research, with a yearly output of 100 peer-reviewed articles, collaborative ventures with external research bodies, and consistent engagement with policymakers and stakeholders.

The CAES celebrates numerous academic awards among its faculty and students, reflecting its commitment to excellence. Beyond education, the College actively drives research in areas like climate change, agricultural value chains, and sustainable production, often in collaboration with off-campus institutions. This has positioned it as a pivotal player in academic publications with journals such as the African Crop Science Journal under its banner.

With a broad international footprint, CAES attracts various research grants and forms strategic partnerships with global entities. Aligning with Uganda's Vision 2040, the College refines its programs, emphasizing its role in propelling the agricultural sector and contributing to Uganda's broader developmental objectives.

Assoc Prof. Bamutaze Yazidhi

Message from the Deputy Principal

I warmly welcome staff and most importantly our PhD and Masters students to the CAES-GRADCare platform. Our graduate programmes are increasingly attractive and the proportion of graduate students in CAES has increased to 40%.

We are committed as CAES to take good care of our graduate students and help them to achieve their academic aspirations and goals. Cognizant of some of the challenges confronting our graduate training, the college has invested in the GRADCare solution to help students complete on time.

Our strategic target is to improve the completion rate in the stipulated time to 70%. The GRADCare solution is envisaged to enhance efficiency by creating a seamless workflow that improves supervision, reduces the lead time and costs for thesis examination, yields meaningful data for decision making and a repository of graduate research. By doing so, CAES will unclog the production pipeline of graduate students and firmly contribute to theresearch led agenda as stipulated in the Makerere University Strategic Plan 2020-2030. I implore graduate students and staff to fully harness and maximize the advantages in


CAES-GRADCare System

Through the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences' CAES-GRADCare system. Within the institution, the following processes are seamlessly integrated into this system:.


The journey to pioneering research begins with a single step: the student's intent to explore a new horizon. At this stage, our system acknowledges and captures the ambition of a budding researcher, streamlining the process for them to declare their interest in embarking on a scholarly investigation. Every great discovery starts with a spark, and the Intent phase ensures that this spark is given the right platform to ignite.


Research isn't just about individual brilliance—it's a collaborative endeavor. The Proposal stage is where the seed of an idea meets the rich soil of collaboration, guidance, and expert oversight. Here, students work closely with their supervisors to craft a research topic proposal that's both original and feasible. To maintain the highest standards of academic rigor and integrity, each proposal must be endorsed by the respective supervisors, acting as a testament to its quality and viability. Our system ensures a seamless and transparent review process, paving the way for the green light to dive deep into research.


After months or even years of diligent work, it's time for the researcher to present their findings to the world. The Thesis Submission phase is a significant milestone, marking the culmination of countless hours of hard work, analysis, and insights. Through our system, students can submit their research thesis with ease, ensuring it reaches the appropriate examiners for a fair and thorough evaluation. We understand the importance of this stage, and our platform is designed to make the submission process as smooth and efficient as possible.


Research is a journey, and like any journey, it's essential to know where you are and how far you've come. With our state-of-the-art tracking feature, both students and supervisors can monitor the progress made throughout the postgraduate research lifecycle. Whether it's checking the status of a proposal review or awaiting feedback on a submitted thesis, our system provides real-time updates and insights. It's not just about reaching the destination; it's about understanding every step of the journey. Our tracking system is your compass, guiding and updating you every step of the way.


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